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Rules and Regulations
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1.       Safety First on the playing field


E  No Real Firearms

E    No players are allowed if under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol

E          No goggles, no play

 Never take off your eye/ face protection

E          Must be at least 18 years of age


                    d  Standard Safety Gun Rules d 


a.       Consider every gun loaded

b.       Never point the gun to anybody/ anything you do not intend to shoot

c.       Keep your finger off the trigger until you fire

d.     Be sure of your target and what is around it

e.     Be courteous  


2.       One-hit Elimination


E           Direct line to body

E           Penetrating shot

 Friendly Fire

E           Knife kill

E           Ask to surrender within 5 meters

E           No Ricochet  


3.        No Hit Call


 E Shooter cannot call opponent out

 E Hit players to acknowledge by shouting HIT, DEAD, or OUT

 E After being acknowledged as "Hit", raise your gun/arm over

                    your head while going to the neutral zone   


4.       No hostages


E          No hiding behind non-combatants

E          No mixing with non-combatants

E          No engaging in proximity of delicate or valuable property


5.       No holding or grappling


E          No rough physical contact between players

E          No holding on to opponent or opponent's gun


  6.       Avoid Inflicting Unnecessary Pain


E          Avoid point-blank shooting, ask for surrender

E          Avoid blind-fire

E          Immediately stop shooting players signifying hit


7.       Dead men tell no tales


 No coaching from any non-combatants (umpires, eliminated players, spectators, Bystanders, etc.)


   8.       No time out


E          Player must overcome equipment malfunction or temporary difficulty without calling "time out", otherwise player must eliminate him/ herself from the game.


9.       Umpire's decision is final


10.    Observe proper decorum at all times



E  Dispose your trash properly in the designated trash bins 

E  Food and drinks are available at the site 

E  Guns and gears are available for RENT at the site