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WOW! First pala ako! hehehehe... I got to say two thumbs for Ho Chi Minh Trail. Superb Game Site for different scenario! The Best food and very friendly people.
Babalik balikan mo talaga!

Can't have Enough of it!
posted by : Knight, Ghost Recruit

Nice site, nice trail, muddy when it rains. recommended for multi scenario game. Like combination of skirmish and defend. Ideal for large number of players. Good food, kids will enjoy.
posted by: Ewan, Ghost

What can I say?hmm....... ratratan na!
posted by: Thinman, Ghost

Great Site. Friendly People.
Jungle terrain guaranteed to bring out the commando in you.
What else can a weekend warrior ask for?

posted by: Krueger, Ghost Recruit

at first intimidating pero parang sex sa una lang mahirap sa susunod anong sarap....
posted by: Reypsycho, Ghost

Jungle in the City. Got lost getting there but it was worth it. ;)
posted by: Obet 

One of the best managed sites I've played in so far. There is no need for high-powered AEGs as the grass is thick enough to go stealthy and execute knife kills. More power to Team Ghost and to Recondo! hooahh!!!

posted by: Caimera, SOE-ForceOne

Every Sunday is a new site altogether. New shrubs, new spots, new vantage points all contribute to the thrill of playing in km18! sana araw araw sunday.

posted by: Nochi, Ghost Recruit 


Great game site,there are different kinds of scenario and the foods are great too. km18 Ho Chi Minh Trail is the best.... sana sunday na lang lagi!!!!!!at mag Aswang!!!!!
posted by: Demon, Ghost


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