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By ReyPsycho

It was the November year 2003 when a group of young guns decided to embark on a grand adventure and what soon to be a wondrous weekend activities that has bonded these guys closer as brothers. One thing they have in common is their passion for playing war games otherwise known as AIRSOFT.

What’s in a name? To come up with a cool sounding name is a quite a task, all has good sounding names such as Ghost rangers etc.., but all was settle for the name of Ghost Squad Armed with Steyr AUG,  MP5’s/ Pdw, Dessert Eagle, M4’s and Mark 1, M82 ACM ( that’s me) they were ready to rock and roll. Play sites were C5 Kill house, MMTC at Quezon City and AAZ at Fort Bonifacio. But things weren’t moving as fast as they would have wanted it. They are still a squad, a minority

They decide to align themselves to one of the prominent team of that year, but after almost a year of association, seems their efforts were not enough to merit admittance, also from the fact the some of the founding members has laid low.

Therefore the Squad, who are now depleted, decided perceiver and push on. The name is now in its present stage: GHOST

They found a new home at Last Castle in Pasig and with close relation with AGL; the Lowly squad became a team. The newly installed team, were tap to participate in the RED CELL event and has proven their worth.

2005 has been a fruit full year, activities left and right and coming and going of new members has replenished the life blood of the team, made them more mature and albeit “talented”.

The Elders has constantly been trying to improve the interest of each and every team member with innovation and small competition at Last Castle.

2006 is one of the land mark year in the teams history. With the closure of Last Castle; the team was forced out of their comfort zone but was up to the challenge.  They became a “Nomad “team and have honed their CQB/MOUT skills at Ding Velayo at Pasay, at The Haunted Mansion in Antipolo and DMZ at UP, the FARM at Pasig. The Jungle terrain at KM 18 who was called Vietnam then by AGL, were a daunting terrain but the team went head on with out qualms.

Then when things were doing well, the team got the rare chance of managing a game site every Sunday; Thus KM18 was then rechristened to Ho Chi Minh Trail. Thus the team is still there, still waging there brand of war only week end warriors can achieve.

Who knows what the future brings but to these individual who decided to band together to form a cohesive unit with the leadership of the elders can achieve more and expect more things to come. Coming out of the Shell.

~We Own The Night~